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How the HMSA's Webinars Have Helped Me With Hypermobility Syndromes

Thank you so much for this. I found it really useful, reminding me of some things I knew already, and teaching me new ways of helping myself as well. Strangely I’m not feeling as anxious at the moment as I was a few weeks ago, but I know the advice and tips are going to help when anxiety does kick in. Having the keep calm sessions just half an hour-long was perfect, concentrating for longer than that would have been hard for me! I did struggle slightly with having to concentrate in the evening for three days running, but can also see that they needed to be close together for continuity. I love that the HMSA is doing things like this to help and support members. I also tune in to Kim’s relaxation every Monday (and Thursday too!) and it’s turning into a real highlight of my week. Somehow having a live session is so much better than a recording (even though I love the recordings too). Every time I end up thoroughly relaxed and as if I’ve just been together with friends. Thank you Kim xxxxx - Tessa Dorey Published: 8th May, 2020

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