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Ways to Get Involved

Our charity relies on volunteers, public donations, charitable grants, legacies and fundraising events, and the work of a team of volunteers to continue to offer the support that helps those living with hypermobility syndromes. Here are a few ways you can help our cause.

Volunteer with us

Click the button below to find out about the range of roles available - and apply to join dedicated and enthusiastic team, supporting and delivering our work flexibly, from home.

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Support our social media or send in your story

We are active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Taking the time to like and share our posts when you find them particularly interesting or useful helps us reach, educate, and support, more people.

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In addition, we are always looking for real life stories about the experiences of hypermobile people which we can share to help educate and spread the word about this common group of potentially disabling conditions.

These could be about getting diagnosed, or about how you are affected, or about things that have helped you on your journey.

You can send in your story by email to:


There are all sorts of ways to raise money - from setting up a facebook birthday fundraiser to share with your friends, to running a marathon - or a reading marathon if that's more your thing. Check out our fundraising page for ideas and contact details for support.

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Set up a one off or regular donation

Regular donations make a big difference to a charity our size - whether it's £1 or £100, it all adds up and allows us to deliver our services and keep our helpline, website, social media and other online support, all up and running.

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Become a Sponsor


Sponsoring and supporting specific projects can be done in a variety of ways.  Your business could sponsor printing of our bi-annual journal that is distributed to all of our members. 

Your community or business can sponsor an event like our online webinars hosted by our Occupational Therapist - Jo Southall or Annual Get Together, or volunteer training day. If you are looking for a charity to support please use the form below and we'll get in touch asap .  There are a lot of sponsorship opportunities to help those living with hypermobility syndromes in the UK. 

Become a
'business friend'

'Business friends are companies which donate a part of their income to the HMSA. Click the button  to see which organisations are on the list, and the links to them, and to find out how to apply to become a business friend.

Sponsor an event or advertise in our journal

Use the form at the bottom of this page to ask about sponsoring an event - things like local education sessions for patients, or a volunteer training day.

Our bi-annual journal has spaces for advertisers in it - click the buttons below to see the rates and to apply for advertising space.

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Want to become a sponsor? Contact us

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