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The HMSA Education Model
(Previously known as the Kent Model)

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the HMSA Education Model webpages.

Here you will find all the resources related to our masterclasses and advice you need to enhance your knowledge in order to improve the patient journey and help us to help you to spread the word through education. With this resource, you will be able to set up your own education programme. 

Hypermobility has been described as one of the most neglected areas of medicine and we are here to change that by creating an education-based program, which incorporates developing a local care web, and is transferable nationally to optimise existing resources. 

The initiative mainly focuses on hypermobility spectrum disorder and hypermobile EDS, using the 2017 reclassification of what was previously called Hypermobility Syndrome/EDS type iii.

Read on and enjoy this constantly evolving resource! We are here to help. 

Finally….Don’t forget that this is about optimising the patient journey and de-medicalising it through greater patient understanding. Please contact me if you have any great ideas that you want to share!

Dr Philip Bull

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Aims of the HMSA Education Model


The steps in the Educational Model

Doctor High Five

Background to the HMSA Eduational Model

Holding Phones

Contact the professional education team

Working with Laptop


Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Other HMSA resources for professionals

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