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Kids Zone

In this section we go through the basics of hypermobility and life at school for kids (aged 5 to 11)

Parents, guardians, teachers, and healthcare teams, may also be interested in our booklet “An Educator's Guide to the Hypermobile Child", and the new online School toolkit for JHS and EDS launched in 2021.

4 children sitting cross legged in a field, looking happy.

What is hypermobility?

Explaining what hypermobility, and what having a hypermobility syndrome means.

tired boy looking out of a window

Pain and Tiredness

Why we get pain and tiredness, and what can help.

boy with red T-shirt and rucksack giving a thumbs up.

Coping at school

Some ideas to help with life at school

3 smiling children with helmets, on bikes.

P.E. and Exercise

Some advice on joining in with PE and exercise

7 childrens hands on top of each other - with a brightly coloured background.

Who can help me?

A bit about the people who can help you manage your hypermobility, like a physiotherapist, rheumatologist, geneticist, occupational therapist, podiatrist or psychologist.

Children running across a field

Helping others understand

Some ideas on helping others to understand hypermobility

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