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10 Nativity Christmas Cards


Pack of 10 cards by Bernadette Watts Read more

A4 "What's the Connection" Poster (pack of 5)


5 A4 Posters highlighting the range of symptoms that could be associated with hypermobility syndromes (including Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders, EDS, marfan syndrome and more) Read more

'All Weathers' cards - Pack of 4


A pack of 4 cards illustrated by Bernadette Watts. Read more

Booklet: An Educators Guide to the hypermobile student


An A5 HMSA guide for educational professionals and their students who are affected by a hypermobility syndrome. Read more

Booklet: Living Well with Hypermobility


An A5 guide to living well with a hypermobility syndrome or connective tissue disorder (including the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, hypermobility spectrum disorders, marfan syndrome, and others) Read more

Booklet: Persistent Fatigue and the hypermoblity syndromes


This guide answers one of the HMSA's most frequently asked questions: how to cope with persistent (chronic) fatigue when you have a hypermobility syndrome. Read more

Christmas card 'Under our Umbrella'


'Under our Umbrella' Christmas card Illustrated by Bernadette Watts. (ecards also available) Read more

Chunky grip pen


A branded chunky grip ball point pen. Read more

EDS Interlinked wristband


SALE! Now only £3.00. was £4.50 Interlinked black and white wristband Read more

HSD interlinked wristband


SALE! Now only £3.00. was £4.50 Read more

Journal 12


The Spring/Summer 2019 HMSA journal Read more

Journal 13


Copy of the HMSA Journal from summer 2020, including articles on Occupational Health, Hypermobility and sleep, osteopathy and more Read more

Journal 14


Winter 2020 Journal Read more

Journal bundle vol 6 to 13


A pack of 8 HMSA journals from the past 4 years. Read more

Journal Volume 10


The HMSA's Journal, volume 10 featuring articles on pain management, scoliosis, tips for carers, and more! Read more

Journal volume 11


Copy of the HMSA Journal from summer 2019, including articles on magnesium and EDS, movement therapy, mental health and more. Read more

Journal volume 5


An A4, 52 page journal by the HMSA, published in 2016. Read more

Journal volume 6


Volume 6 of the HMSA's biannual Journal Read more

Journal volume 7


HMSA Journal Volume 7. Read more

Journal volume 8


An HMSA Journal from 2017 Read more

Journal Volume 9


A 51 page A4 Journal, featuring articles on how skin can be affected, sensory processing, coping with a newborn baby and more! Read more

Leaflets (Trifold - pack of 25)


A new A4 trifold leaflet outlining hypermobility syndromes. Read more

Marfan interlinked wristband


Read more

Memory stick


SALE: Was £5, now only £2.50! HMSA branded 4GB USB memory stick Read more