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Our organisation is driven by our volunteers. They are the backbone of HMSA. 

We understand that our clients want to talk to people who understand what it's like to live with one or more of the syndromes. Most of our front line staff here at HMSA are hypermobile too. They are passionate and supportive about helping other people living with hypermobility syndromes.

In addition to some specific vacancies below, we are always looking for people who can help with:

  • Websites

  • Local Groups

  • Online webinars

  • Building awareness across the UK

  • Helpline

  • Accounting

  • Writing and reviewing articles and content

  • Events

  • Projects

  • Board Trustees

  • Fundraising

  • Administration

Roles can be adapted to suit various levels of availability - from an hour or two each month to several hours a day.

If you'd like to become a volunteer, please get in touch.

Man on Laptop
Stand at St Thomas hospital disability a

Vacancies - all are based at home, and will require you to have internet and a suitable laptop or other device.

Volunteer roles:

digital video camera

Video editor

1-2 hours/week

Making minor edits to webinar videos so they are suitable for sharing wider, and creating short extracts and sample videos on key points. (larger projects also available if wanted)

Finger reaching towards a screen with outline social media symbols spilling out of it, with a dark background

Social Media volunteer

1-2 hours/week

Engaging with and replying to comments, posts to our pages, and queries via private message on social media.

several street entertainers in bright costumes, and an older white woman putting money in their donations box.

Fundraising Volunteer

1-2 hours/week (or more)

Marketing, monitoring, reporting on, and supporting our fundraising campaigns, and helping to create new ones.

Woman with curly brown hair sat on sofa with a laptop

Recruitment assistant

1-2 hours/week

Doing the administrative support for volunteer recruitment.

E.g. Receiving applications and forwarding them to the relevant team leaders, completing online DBS checks, gathering references, arranging online interviews, and filing information.

Vacancies for trustee roles
Waiting Area


3-4  hours/quarter

We are looking for a Trustee with Primary Care experience to be a Trustee of the Hypermobility Syndromes Association (HMSA)…if you are a GP, physiotherapist or have other relevant primary care specialist we’d love to hear from you.

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