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Long Covid - New research and early findings

Two of the HMSA's Clinical Advisors, Philip Bull and Alan Hakim, in partnership with Long Covid advocate, Gez Medinger have conducted some fascinating research into the links between Long Covid and generalised joint hypermobility (GHD). This research is in its early stages and so has not been peer-reviewed but has very interesting initial findings and illustrates the need for more research and investigation to be carried out in this rapidly evolving field. The HMSA is delighted to host this research on our website.

From the authors: "This study found that widespread / generalised joint hypermobility (GJH) was more common than might be expected in people with Long COVID. Among the complications of Long COVID, people with GJH were more likely to report significant joint, muscle, and nerve pain, and brain fog compared to people who were not hypermobile. Joint hypermobility may be a risk for neuromuscular symptoms in Long COVID."

To read the research and watch the recent talk on Long Covid from our Lead Medical Advisor, Dr Philip Bull with tips and advice, go to:

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