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Downloadable 'About hypermobility' info leaflet

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Back of trifold leaflet: Hypermobility syndromes we support: Hypermobility spectrum disorders or joint hypermobility syndrome Ehlers-Danlos syndromes Marfan syndrome Osteogenesis imperfecta Sticklers syndrome, and more. Even if you are 'just hypermobile' we can help.  Our mission: To help people living with hypermobility syndromes to live well with the body they have. We believe in creating a world where people have access to information, education and support for hypermobility related disorders that affect so many people in the UK and globally. Common symptoms: Everyone experiences different symptoms. Some people may only experience a few symptoms, others may experience them all. Severity of symptoms varies between individuals and over time. Common symptoms include: Chronic fatigue Injuries: strains, sprains, dislocations. Acute (short-term) pain Persistent pain (day-in, day-out), Poor proprioception (knowing where your body is in space) Reduced response to local anaesthetic Skin that may stretch, scar or bruise more easily Bladder and bowel issues Asthma-like symptoms Feeling faint and/or heart palpitations Anxiety Reduced mobility Allergies and sensitivities. Some syndromes also have symptoms that are specific to that diagnosis. Management:  While hypermobility can't be 'cured', many things can be done to manage the symptoms and improve the lives of people living with it. This includes: pacing, the right kinds of exercise, medication, relaxation, insoles, joint supports, and more. You will find more information about symptoms and management on our website.

Good news! You can now download a copy of our trifold leaflet about hypermobility using the download button below.

A4 final leaflet Aug 2023
Download PDF • 4.57MB

This download is free, but if you'd like to make a small donation, please do so here:

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