Zebra painting HMSA Notebook

An A5, 80 page, lined, spiral bound notebook featuring a painting by Julia Shepperdley.

Julia Shepperdley, the artist who created this lovely image to be used exclusively by the HMSA, lives with a hypermobility syndrome.

She says: "The normal faces of the zebras represent the masks sufferers of EDS wear, hiding their pain and trying to appear normal. The colours represent the spectrum of EDS in the fact that there is a whole range of symptoms which are all experienced uniquely by the sufferer. The coloured bits flying away represents the feeling that you are being torn apart by the EDS whilst the colours running down the bottom is to show how EDS leaves you constantly drained. I hope this painting and description gives a minor insight to EDS for those who don't know about it. I also hope that those with EDS can relate to it and can see that they are not alone in their pain."