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148x148 mm high quality blank greetings cards with envelopes, illustrated by Bernadette Watts, copyright the Hypermobility Syndromes Association 2020.


These cards were inspired by the concept of the HMSA umbrella - supporting the hypermobile community whatever the 'weather' (or symptoms and struggles) they face. The lighthouse in the 'wind' picture is a reference to the HMSA being able to help guide people to live well with their conditions. The books in the 'sunshine' card relate to the resources we provide.


The back of each card has the HMSA logo and charity details, and the tag line 'Whatever the weather, there is room under our umbrella'.


With sincere thanks to Bernadette Watts and for donating their resources to create these cards as a fundraiser for the HMSA.

Greetings card: Wind

SKU: GC-Wind
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