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Zoe Walker


Zoe Walker is currently working as a Civil Servant, where she has worked in a number of departments. The role involves being the programme office manager lead. This includes; managing programme management tools and governance.

Prior to this Zoe worked in the charity sector for 8 years at the various organisation. She has had a number of different roles. These include; bookkeeping, HR, making an office, database management, managing volunteers, managing fundraising products and communication. This has provided Zoe with a clear understanding of the charity sector.

Zoe understands the demands of being a volunteer having volunteered at RNIB to help with the membership events and campaigning for disability rights. She is currently the co-communication lead of the disability staff network. The role involves leading the communication for the network and creating awareness.

Zoe was diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome in her mid-20s. Having a diagnosis helped to explain the chronic pain and fatigue she had over the year. HMSA was the first charity I came across that provided vital information. The helpline was incredibly helpful when she needed someone to speak to who would understand. Zoe is passionate that everyone finds it easier to get a diagnosis. Especially since she has experienced getting a half diagnosis in her childhood and late teens. By getting the right diagnosis you can get the support you need and can start to get a better understanding of yourself.

Zoe Walker
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