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Testing the 'Spider' screening tool


Testing ‘the Spider’, a new screening tool to assess the impact of hypermobility in adults

Testing the 'Spider' screening tool

A team of specialist clinicians and researchers has developed a new patient questionnaire called ‘The Spider’. The Spider has been designed to assess the impact of various symptoms (or problems) experienced by people with HSD and hEDS. This questionnaire aims to help identify the impact these symptoms have on a person’s daily life, guide treatment pathways and monitor the impact of treatment for people with HSD and hEDS.

Before The Spider can be used in clinical practice and in research it is important that we know that it can accurately identify the specific symptoms (problems) and measure the impact of these symptoms on a person’s life. The team behind the Spider have validated this questionnaire with young people, which you may have seen advertised. We now hope to validate this tool with adults. This is the reason why they are asking for your help by completing these surveys. This will be done in a series of stages, with several questionnaires asking about different symptoms you may experience.

 Below you will find links to the first 3 stages – each survey will take around 10 minutes, and we would be grateful if you could complete all 3. You don’t have to do this all in one go, you can do any of the surveys at any time.

Survey 1

Survey 2

Survey 3


Professor Jane Simmonds & Ellen Ewer,

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