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Chronic Illness Parenting Study


Parenting children with Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness Parenting Study

My name is Alexa, and I'm a student at the University of Stirling. Under the supervision of Dr Line Caes, I am currently investigating compassion fatigue and satisfaction in parents who care for a chronically ill child, with particular attention to parents who share a diagnosis with their child. There's, unfortunately, a lack of research in this area, and I hope this study may help lessen that gap. 

The study consists of a 10 minute online questionnaire that, if completed, will enter the participant into a prize draw for 1 of 5 £5 vouchers. After completion of the questionnaire, participants are asked to participate in an optional, 30 minute interview for which they will be given a £10 voucher. This study has received ethical approval from the General University Ethics Panel at the University of Stirling (reference number 2022 8151 6833), and all data will be anonymised.


Alexa Huesgen Hobbs

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