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28 Feb 2022

Our favourite day of the year

It's Rare Disease Day! Shout out to the rare among our followers!

Many conditions fall under our hypermobility syndromes umbrella: Some such as JHS* aren't rare at all, and others such as hEDS and HSD may or may not be, we're simply not sure yet (they're only a few years old!).

Other types of EDS are more rare, and further rare hypermobility conditions include Marfan Syndrome, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, PXE and Lloys-Dietz to name a few. We'd also like to mention SWAN (Syndrome Without A name) and ‘Orphan’ patients who don’t know what they have but know their hypermobility hurts them!

We’re here for all of you, and would be great to see our rarer bendy people show their colours today.

You can find out more about rare diseases and Rare Disease Day here:


* See our article for more info on terminology:

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