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Larger quantities of mobile phones, gadgets, and stamps

For larger collections

Larger quantities of mobile phones, gadgets, and stamps

There are always old gadgets, phones and cameras in the house. Technology changes so quickly now that it's inevitable. Instead of binning them please recycle them.

Through the 'Recycling Project' run by Recycling for Good Causes you can get a larger recycling sack from their website, which you can fill with any of the following:

  • Jewellery & Watches (in any material even if damaged or broken)

  • Currency – Any coins or banknotes, UK & foreign (even if out of circulation)

  • Mobile Phones

  • Cameras (old film, digital and video)

  • Stamps (Loose, single, albums, first day covers, presentation packs, collections)

  • Gadgets (Sat-Navs, Ipods, MP3 players, games consoles, games & accessories).

When it is of an acceptable weight (10-30kg), just give them a call and they will arrange collection free of charge at a convenient time for you. It’s that simple and there is no long term commitment.

All these donations will help to raise funds for the HMSA or any other charity you choose to donate to. Thank you for thinking of us! 

Click here to go to 'Recycling for good causes'

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