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Tia Cheang


Tia Cheang brings a wealth of experience and a deep personal connection to her role at the HMSA. As someone who has lived with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), she joined to bring her own experience and understanding to help guide our mission. She’s committed to ensuring HMSA stays relevant and supportive to those who need it.

Tia has had a long career in IT, mainly in the NHS, where her involvement in Genomics UK and the 100k Genome Programme aimed to unravel the complexities of genetic conditions, much like EDS, offering hope and potential pathways for better treatments. Her work will directly impact the lives of those with rare genetic conditions.

At Nexus Digital Technologies, she is a Non-Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer focused on developing digital health products designed to empower patients, giving them tools to manage their health conditions more effectively and independently, bridging the gap between technology and patient care, making condition management more accessible and personalised.

Tia draws upon her own experience of living with EDS to advocate for Hypermobile individuals and improve inclusivity, disability rights, and greater awareness through her lobbying work at Parliament.

Tia is passionate about supporting disabled individuals in the workplace. She coaches and mentors disabled individuals to overcome barriers and achieve their professional goals, demonstrating her commitment to improving employment opportunities for those with long-term conditions.

Tia Cheang
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