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Mellow Monday Members' Only Relaxations.

25 Apr 2022

An introduction for new members (or a refresher for forgetful ones) to the weekly #MellowMonday Relaxation sessions.

An introduction to the neuroscience behind these regular sessions with our delightful floaty psychotherapist Kim Clayden, and a taster relaxation session for non-members, or for those who've forgotten some of the 'book stuff' behind why relaxation is so important, and why 'just putting your feet up' now and then won't cut it!

This session was held and recorded live on the 25th of April as part of our patient information program, but is now available to the public. It's 67 minutes long from start to finish, the first half learning, the second relaxing. The video has captions we're still working on!

Useful for members who've ever wondered why we do this, and for potential members who'd like a taster before subscribing to full membership.

Full video at

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