Update: Closed February 2021 - Thank you everyone.

Young adults’ experiences of seeking information about chronic pain using the internet and social media

Woman, clutches her painful shoulder: Text reads, Interested? Please email: A.Hurley-Wallace@soton.ac.uk (Anna) The internet & social media experiences of young adults with persistent/ chronic pain Do you have a painful condition or persistent body pain? Pain longer than 3-months? Aged 16-24 years? Ethical approval number: 56803 We would like to invite you to take part in an interview study. This would involve: ✓10-minute screening ✓1-hour interview ✓£20 e-vouchers 28/08/2020, version 0.2


Researchers at the University of Southampton are seeking young adults (aged 16-24 years) to take part in a study exploring people’s experiences of searching the internet for information about chronic pain (sometimes called ‘persistent’ or ‘long-term’ pain). Some examples of chronic pain include fibromyalgia, persistent headaches, and joint pain.

This study is an interview study, which uses online video calling – you do not have to download anything, you can use a regular web browser to take part. This ‘interview’ is not an assessment. It is a one-to-one conversation with a researcher about your experiences of searching the internet for pain-related information and support. This conversation will last for approximately 1 hour. People who complete the study will be rewarded with a £20 e-voucher.

If you are interested in taking part, you would first need to take part in a 10-minute ‘screening’ interview to check that the type of pain you have is ‘chronic’ and answer any questions you have. Please email Anna ([email protected]), if you would like to take part or would like any further information.