We're a UK based charity, but membership and all our online members' groups are open to people all across the world.

While we can't provide Local Groups in Canada, Australia, The Netherlands and the US (among our many far-flung members) we do offer international shipping on all our shop products and international members also receive a physical copy of the HMSA Journal, which comes out twice a year, of course, our social media inboxes are always open and while we can't promise to be familiar with some healthcare systems we can (and regularly do) provide Information Standard health and social care information to both patients and the health care professionals working with them all over the world. 

We are a small charity, and as such we are not able to provide copies of all our literature in multiple languages, or return international calls to our helpline.

In the UK we run a network of Local Groups which offer peer support to members living in the same geographical part of the county. We also work with; Local Authorities to improve awareness of hypermobility related health disorders in the Education system, with Clinical Commissioning Groups to help improve the service received by NHS patients, holding Education Days for professionals of all disciplines, attending and speaking at conferences, and of course running our popular Family Education Days and Pacing Workshops.

Our team is made up of a number of volunteers, who almost all have a hypermobility health related disorder themselves, or care for someone who does. For this reason, and to keep overheads down we do not have a central office, or other premises. This dedicated team of volunteers perform all the day-to-day activities of the charity, part-time, while pacing around their own health conditions and from the comfort of their own home.

So if you're talking to one of our helpline volunteers, they could be anywhere from Plymouth, to Tayside.