The Vascular type of EDS is characterized by thin, translucent skin that bruises easily but is not necessarily particularly stretchy, and spontaneous dilation / rupture of arteries and organs (Byers et al, 2017). The problem lies in the production of type 3 collagen. There is also a characteristic facial appearance:
  • Protruding eyes,
  • Thin nose and lips,
  • Sunken cheeks, and
  • Small chin.
  • Hypermobility is typically found in the small joints of the hands. Other (non skin) features akin to other forms of EDS may also be found such as hip dislocation and clubfoot. The major causes for concern in this condition arise because of fragility of the blood vessels, gut wall, and uterus.  There is a risk for rupture of any of these structures, which may be life threatening.
About a quarter of individuals with vEDS experience significant medical problems by the time they are 20 years of age. More than 80% of individuals experience major problems by the age of 40. Because of this life expectancy is shortened in vEDS.