Should I do PE?

Unless your doctor or physiotherapist tells you not to do PE then you should try to do some. One of the problems we have is keeping our muscles as strong as possible. If you don’t do PE then your muscles may be weak and cause you more pain.

However,  you need to be sensible and discuss PE with your teachers and parents. We wouldn’t suggest you do any sports where you are at a higher risk of getting hurt such as rugby,  football or ice hockey unless you really want to! But there are other sports you can do like swimming, cycling, horse-riding, gymnastics etc.

Even if you are having a bad day exercise is important! So you need to do at least some exercise every day.  If you can’t do the whole PE lesson it is better to do a bit of it, than none. We do need to keep you as strong as possible because we don’t want you to get lots of problems.