British Society for Rheumatology statement 04.03.2020

We are aware of the BSR statement released today. We understand the reasoning behind some of their concerns as the science and evidence behind hypermobility syndromes is still evolving, and there is confusion around the various diagnostic terms. This is why the HMSA has developed the Kent Model which is a set of educational tools to spread best practice based on our current level of understanding of hypermobility in all its forms.

The HMSA will continue its work to ensure that whatever diagnostic term is used, the hypermobile individual can access appropriate information and support to manage their hypermobility and any associated health problems. 

We will also continue educating health care professionals, working with people on the BSR’s hypermobility special interest group, and consulting on guidelines (such as those produced by NICE).

(The HMSA’s Board of Trustees)