It's #EDSAwarenessMonth, again and while we don't go for too much zebra imagery at the HMSA, this project from then Student Brogan Lawes is still one of our favourite pieces of awareness work, and well worth sharing again for those who are new to the condition, or to the HMSA. Grab yourself a cuppa and take five minutes to watch a deeply personal and  intimate look at what others cannot, or will not see.

This awareness video was dreamt up for a university project whilst studying on an exchange programme in the Netherlands. I have suffered with HSD all of my life, and it's something I battle with quietly, whilst trying to achieve big things, and not let my disability stop me. It's hard to explain to friends and family what it is like, it's difficult to put it into words. I created this piece to help people with HSD, EDS, and other disabilities explain, and hopefully gain some more understanding, from the people around them. This is a battle we face daily. We need to help one another other to create change. -- Brogan Lawes