Here are some useful resources:

"Meeting in a Box"

All the materials you need to do a local meeting on the topic of hypermobility syndromes!

Powerpoint slides from a Masterclass by Dr Alan Hakim, Dr Philip Bull, and Prof Qasim Aziz

Powerpoint slides from the Physiotherapy Masterclass, courtesy of Dr Jane Simmonds.

The Kent Model 'Hypermobility Syndrome Key Messages' handout: HMSA_Kent_Model_handout_download_July_2019.pdf

The Multi-disciplinary care web:


Click here to see all the videos from the joint HMSA and EDS UK Wellness Conference 2017

These cover a wide range of topics including: pain, fatigue, pacing, physiotherapy, swallowing and voice, mast cells, the role of primary care and more.

Below is one of these videos - An Overview of the 2017 EDS Classifications by Dr Hana Kazkaz 

An here is a presentation by Hannah Ensor on living well with a hypermobility syndrome, given as part of an HMSA masterclass.