Here are some useful resources:

"Meeting in a Box"

All the materials you need to do a local meeting on the topic of hypermobility syndromes!

Powerpoint slides from a Masterclass by Dr Alan Hakim, Dr Philip Bull, and Prof Qasim Aziz

Powerpoint slides from the Physiotherapy Masterclass, courtesy of Dr Jane Simmonds.

Powerpoint slides updated in 2019: HMSA_professional_education_slides_revised_nov_2019_(small).pdf

The Kent Model 'Hypermobility Syndrome Key Messages' handout: Kent_model_handout_2019_12_13.pdf

The Multi-disciplinary care web:


Click here to see all the videos from the joint HMSA and EDS UK Wellness Conference 2017

These cover a wide range of topics including: pain, fatigue, pacing, physiotherapy, swallowing and voice, mast cells, the role of primary care and more.

Below is one of these videos - An Overview of the 2017 EDS Classifications by Dr Hana Kazkaz 

An here is a presentation by Hannah Ensor on living well with a hypermobility syndrome, given as part of an HMSA masterclass.