I am fundraising to help provide resources and support for people with hypermobility syndromes, their families, and medical professionals.

Our 4 year old son recently got diagnosed with hyper mobility syndrome after 2 years of tests and hospital trips. Oliver began with pains in his legs and very unsteady on his feet. Everyday is different and his pain and mobility can vary. Everyday tasks can be very difficult such as walking, climbing stairs and playing with his friends. This is all very new to us and we are learning more each day. Our aim is to help raise awareness to this invisible condition that can change your life.

My aim is to walk 60miles in August.

Hypermobility syndromes are often complex conditions which can be mild or (especially if undiagnosed and unmanaged) can become severely disabling, affecting mobility, digestion, heart rate and much more. They are widely misunderstood and often dismissed by medical professionals and by the general public - making it really hard for individuals to get the support they need to be able to understand and manage their condition as well as possible.

Money raised will help fund the training of volunteers who provide support to people with HMSs via helpline and on social media, new resources, education of medical professionals, and more.

The right diagnosis and treatment at the right time literally changes lives. You can be a part of that change!

Stephanie Waywell