Covid 19 changed all our plans in 2020, for me it meant I couldn't do my last large challenge. Unfortunately due to my family circumstances, it’s not something I could postpone until another time, so as I move into the future my challenges/ personal goals have a slightly different look to them. I needed something that can keep my focus but will be flexible enough to fit with family restraints and be Covid proof. So with that in mind, I have come up with a new challenge that will last the whole of 2021.

The 21Average Challenge is simple and flexible, I just have to cover an average of 21 miles for each day for the 365 days of 2021, totaling 7665 miles. In past years I generally had covered an average of 14 miles a day (5110 miles). I don’t have to cover 21 miles a day but I will be aiming to have a 21-mile average daily mileage by December 31st, 2021. The mileage cannot be made up of my general daily step count, it has to be an activity. I can cover the required distance by swimming, cycling, running, rowing, or any type of self-powered activity.

As we now have a vaccine, my hope is that as we move through 2021 I will be able to combine this challenge with mini one-off challenges and other events. I won't bore you with daily updates, no one needs 365 selfies of me sweating! I will post updates on my social media accounts on a weekly basis, to help keep me accountable.

The one thing that hasn't changed from other years is that I will be raising funds and awareness for the Hypermobility Syndromes Association. As a long-time fundraiser and now trustee I have seen first hand the difference your donations make especially during the pandemic. The HMSA is a small charity but supports so many individuals, any donation you can spare will be very gratefully received.

Keith Diaper