Everyone needs to connect and what better way than a virtual quiz. You can host your own quiz for fun and to raise funds and awareness for the HMSA. Ask friends and family to make a donation (amount of your choosing) to enter the quiz and then let the fun begin.

Choose your platform:

Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, Zoom*, Facebook Live etc - or go the real-time text route

Always make sure you know how to use the platform and everyone has all the required details in plenty of time.

(*free version has 40 min time limit)

Compiling your quiz:

You may like the challenge of doing research and gathering all the information together to make your own quiz. However if you don't have the time to do this just search ‘Free quiz questions and answers’ and you will find loads of helpful websites.

Most quizzes have 5 - 10 rounds normally consisting of 6-10 questions. Each round should have its own theme (Sport, TV, History etc). If you're hosting a family quiz where children will be taking part maybe theme a question in each round for them.

Make sure you consider how hard or easy your questions need to be for people you have invited.

Keeping score:

For a virtual fundraising quiz the score isn't that important, but it's always good to see who has the bragging rights until the next quiz. So read out the answers and let people honestly count up their own score.

Hosting the quiz:

Send a reminder to everyone a few hours before the event, you don’t want to be the only one playing!

Make sure everyone can at least hear you. Once they are all settled, thank them for joining in and remind them why you're putting the event on and how they can donate.

Make sure you repeat each question and answer as someone's screen is bound to freeze at the vital part of the question.

If everyone has enjoyed themselves or your competitive uncle wants a rematch, maybe suggest taking turns to put on more quizzes in the future.

Let us know how it all goes on [email protected], 

Thank you for supporting us!