Kim Clayden is a clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.  Members following our Facebook page and groups will be familiar with her weekly relaxation sessions, but she's also quite familiar with how the brain works, with a refreshing perspective on pain management and mental health, and an approach to both is both accessible to the layperson and to other HCPs that many patients and professionals find to be extraordinarily helpful.

Jo Southall is our resident Occupational Therapist and hosts a monthly #HMSALiveOT Q&A taking questions on all things Occupational Therapy.

Both expert patients with a load of lived experience.

Each session includes both Occupational Therapy and Psychotherapeutic input, with Jo freely sharing a wealth of tips for making everyday tasks more manageable, and Kim adding some of the brain chemistry information that explains why we feel the way we do, and better yet, which chemicals do what, how to keep your levels topped up and of course, how to find a dose of the good ones quick-smart when you’re in a pinch. For some, much of this is brand new information, while for others it serves as a refresher that not only “confirmed that how I already manage the condition was in the most part a good way of managing it, but gave me the why's behind it", as one of last year's attendees remarked afterwards. 

The weekly sessions deal with different challenges.

Thurs the 6th Jan 7PM - 8PM (GMT) - Anxiety and mental health

Thurs the 13th Jan 7PM - 8PM (GMT) - Pain management

Thurs the 20th Jan 7PM - 8PM (GMT) - Sleep management

Thurs the 27th Jan 7PM - 8PM (GMT) Weight management

Thurs the 3rd Feb 7PM - 8PM (GMT) Ask us anything! About our work, symptoms and how we manage and more. 

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