Weight Management is the last of our #HypnOT sessions this year and while this can be a touchy subject weight (or lack of it) can have a massive impact on your symptoms and wellbeing. In the feedback from last year's event was one sad remark, which made us determined not to let the same thing happen again. 

I "Didn’t watch (the) weight management (session) as I have problems keeping weight on rather than losing it"

The session is about weight management, not weight loss. Not everyone needs to lose, or even closely watch their weight, but there are all kinds of health problems exacerbated by being at either extreme and for many getting their weight stabilised can be critical to managing their condition. 

Kim & Jo once again break open the brain chemistry involved in feeling hunger (or often not feeling/noticing hunger), eating in a way that suits you, your condition, and your appetite. Jo has endless kitchen tips, after all it's tricky to manage your weight when you can't fix a meal without breaking something. It isn't at all uncommon in our community, and it's why we're being super clear this year that weight management isn't all about diets and kilograms, or what number your BMI is sitting at. Your own healthy weight and someone else's will differ enormously and with gastric issues, lack of appetite, and food allergies leading to a lack of options widespread in the bendy community there are a huge number of factors that can affect our weight, and therefore our health. 

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