Kim & Jo tackle what's going on in your brain when you're experiencing pain, and a wealth of tips for finding out (and remembering when needed) the various strategies, equipment and resources we can use to manage pain, injuries, and illness associated with hypermobility.

As one of last year's attendees put it afterward, “Hearing Jo say that just getting on with stuff day to day on top of being in pain is actually quite a lot really hit me hard - I often berate myself for not doing "enough" but it had not crossed my mind that actually, people without all my aches, pains, wobbles and weird stuff might find doing what I do quite challenging if they had them as a one-off incident. It's something my mum says to me on occasion, but hearing it from someone outside has made a HUGE difference.”

The remaining sessions will be as follows: 

Sleep management - 29th Jan

Weight management - 5th Feb

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