Kim & Jo tackle the neuroscience of anxiety, namely the evolutionary reasons for anxiety, depression, and anger, and how these are not always helpful in our daily lives (immediate threats to life not usually being an everyday occurrence*). We learn what happens in the brain when we suffer from anxiety disorders and depression and most importantly how we can help ourselves, reducing the impact with positive activities, interactions & thoughts as well as many techniques and tips to produce our own dopamine and serotonin when needed.

These weekly sessions deal with different challenges, this week - Anxiety/Mental health - 15th Jan

*Oviously, 2020 was beginning to take an odd turn even as we aired the original series. We did not know at the time just how useful this session would turn out to be, but since it doesn't look like 2021 will be smooth sailing, so if you only catch one session, make sure you catch this one!

The remaining sessions will be as follows: 

Pain management - 22th Jan

Sleep management - 29th Jan

Weight management - 5th Feb

Access to this series is a membership benefit (If you're not already a Standard, Family, or Professional Member, please visit the appropriate link to join) and members should register for this event please contact [email protected]

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