Our funds are low. Desperately low. People have no idea what to expect so they're not giving to charities. Our entire fundraising challenge season is cancelled. Nobody can hold bake sales or fundraisers. Nobody feels like giving to small charities when they don't know when they will next be paid - or how much they may have to pay for a pint of milk next week. We're all in the same boat, we get it. 

The team are enormously dedicated and will carry on working to support those in our community, and we have suspended all non-essential projects, but while our overheads are small (we don't have fancy offices or an army of paid staff that can step in for example), we do have bills, for the software we use to run the helpline, the people hosting our website and so on. We desperately need to manage these essential bills in order to carry on providing the service so many of our members and followers rely on at the best of times and to expand our online resources so that we can continue to support everyone during what is clearly going to be some of the very worst times in living memory (we need to upgrade some software packages, for example, and rapidly roll out associated training to volunteers). 

Our volunteers are patients, often also self-employed, keyworkers, parents, teachers, nurses - many of us working knowing they won't be paid and volunteering in our 'spare time', some are in quarantine, self-isolating, or in lockdown like everyone else. That's not the point, we all recognise there are bigger issues than our personal finances at stake. 

People with hypermobility syndromes will still be here after the pandemic. They will still need our help. There may be many more people discovering the physical health impact that a few weeks of lifestyle change, or a sudden illness can have on a previously co-operative body. We'd like to still be here for them. We're staying home. We're staying safe. We're sharing our expertise, our resources and our time. 

Please, if you are able - contribute to our core running costs, so that we know we'll still be here for you after the madness ends. If you are not able and can think of someone who is, please let them know what our support has meant to you, your family and the medical community (remember, many have a foot in both camps). 

We are as always massively grateful for all and any support you can give, whether that be through joining as a member, making a donation to this appeal, donating your time as one of our volunteers or helping to raise our plight with your friends and family.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.