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An Educators Guide


The HMSA guide for educational professionals and their students who are affected by a hypermobility syndrome. Read more

Christmas Card 'Towards a town called hope'


Christmas card illustrated by Bernadette Watts. (ecards also available) Read more

Christmas card 'Under our Umbrella'


'Under our Umbrella' Christmas card Illustrated by Bernadette Watts. (ecards also available) Read more

Christmas cards 10 pack


Pack of 10 HMSA Christmas Cards (split over 2 designs) Support the HMSA while sending Christmas greetings to loved ones! Printed cards coming soon, e-cards available now. Read more

Christmas stocking filler pack


An HMSA pen, pin badge, and 5 assorted handmade tree decorations Read more

Christmas tree decorations x5


5 assorted hand decorated wooden tree ornaments. Read more

Chunky grip pen


A branded chunky grip ball point pen. Read more

EDS Interlinked wristband


Interlinked black and white wristband Read more

HSD interlinked wristband


Read more

Journal Volume 10


The HMSA's Journal, volume 10 featuring articles on pain management, scoliosis, tips for carers, and more! Read more

Journal volume 5


An A4, 52 page journal by the HMSA, published in 2016. Read more

Journal volume 6


Volume 6 of the HMSA's biannual Journal Read more

Journal volume 7


HMSA Journal Volume 7. Read more

Journal volume 8


An HMSA Journal from 2017 Read more

Journal Volume 9


A 51 page A4 Journal, featuring articles on how skin can be affected, sensory processing, coping with a newborn baby and more! Read more

Leaflets (Trifold - pack of 25)


The HMSAs trifold leaflet "Have you, or someone you know, been diagnosed with one of they hypermobility syndromes" Read more

Living Well with Hypermobility booklet


A guide to living well with a hypermobility syndrome or connective tissue disorder (including the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, hypermobility spectrum disorders, marfan syndrome, and others) Read more

Marfan interlinked wristband


Read more

Memory stick


HMSA branded 4GB USB memory stick Read more

OI Interlinked band


Ostepgenesis Imperfecta interlinked band Read more

Persistent Fatigue and Heritable Disorders of Connective Tissue booklet


This guide answers one of the HMSA's most frequently asked questions: how to cope with persistent (chronic) fatigue when you have a hypermobility syndrome. Read more

Purple hypermobility wristband


Purple HMSA hypermobility wristband Read more

PXE interlinked wristband


Black & White Intertwined PXE Wristband. Read more

Stickler interlinked wristband


Stickler syndrome interlinked wristband Read more