We talk about how wonderful our volunteers are whenever we're given even the tiniest opening, but we don't quite so often hear from them directly, in most cases their volunteering speaks for itself and they're directly in touch with who, and how, they're helping. But this year we got this lovely summary from Zoe, who works on our helpline and social media teams dealing with enquiries. 

Zoe told us "I've been volunteering for the HMSA for 2 years now and I can honestly say it's been one of the best things I ever chose to do and can't see myself ever wanting to stop! Twice I enquired about volunteering beforehand and backed out but when I finally took the leap, I immediately felt like I'd joined a big family - and that's exactly what we are! I wasn't really sure what to expect or what I would be doing but I had a lovely chat with Brenda who was the volunteer coordinator and was popped onto the Helpline at first and then later joined the Social Media Team as well and it has been great to be able to chat with people who are in the position I was in not too long ago. To be able to say 'you're not crazy, there's a whole community of us that are experiencing the same things as you' or to give the help and advice I had myself as a caller is an amazing feeling and truly is that old cliche of being so rewarding. There have been days where I just haven't been well enough to do my jobs which was no problem at all and there was no pressure to return and I've recently had a little one and the whole team have been so supportive and helpful and I couldn't wait to get back to it after my 'maternity leave.' If you are ever looking for somewhere to turn and not sure where to go, as a past caller/emailer and now a volunteer myself I'd say look no further because we absolutely want to help and no enquiry is too small or too silly, if we can help, we want to help! Also, if you are unsure about volunteering and taking the leap - DO IT! You won't be sorry. It's the best family to be a part of :)"

We're so glad she's back - and with squishy cheeked pictures of yummy bubba on tap too. If you're thinking about whether or not to take the plunge, do it! There is almost certainly something you thoroughly enjoy doing pretty quickly that takes one of us hours and makes us grumpy, there are very few skills we don't have room for! Check our  current vacancies here.