We recently posted that our Fundraising hero, Keith Diaper had, due to shielding restrictions reluctantly cancelled his most recent athletic challenge.

We are now delighted to be able to report that he's bounced back and converted the endeavour to a Lockdown2020 challenge instead, so if your own ludicrously athletic fundraising plans for the summer have been put on hold, here's a lockdown safe challenge to keep you busy and help the HMSA at the same time. 

Charities are being hit very hard by sudden and unexpected increased demand for support, with almost all fundraising events cancelled for the foreseeable, all this while needing to invest in new technology to deliver online services far faster than they'd planned for and finding grant providers have closed their doors to new applications or turned their attention (completely understandably) elsewhere. 

It's having a massive impact on the cash flow of smaller charities, and we've been feeling a little bit low about it to be honest, so we are phenomenally grateful to Keith for giving us a morale boost, and anyone else who decides to spend their time in Lockdown pedalling through the miles to help raise funds for us. Literally every penny helps here. Our core costs are low, but they do have to be met. Helpline software, web hosting fees, and so on, so we really are operating on a shoestring and 'winging it' in terms of getting through what is set to be the most challenging Q2 any of us have ever faced!

We know that our members and followers will need us during this crisis, we also know they'll need us afterwards (we're all aware of the potential impact of lifestyle change and/or even short periods of inactivity on people with hypermobility). The HMSA runs on the efforts of a small and dedicated group of volunteers, and while we can volunteer our time and expertise we are, as individuals in the same position as everyone else. Hypermobile, under lockdown, in some cases now out of work, or indeed working on the NHS front line.

So, if you can help us to help you, or the people you love... Please do. We have no intention of going anywhere, but we're having to tighten our belts. You can donate directly to Keith's appeal here (and see what he was going to put himself through before Covid19 interrupted his plans, we get tired just thinking about it!).