Ben first joined the HMSA as a volunteer in February 2013 following his fundraising efforts throughout the latter part of 2012 for the charity. He went on to head the fundraising team and held the position of a trustee from March 2014 to September 2017. After a break of nearly a year and a half - though keeping in close contact with many of the team - he officially re-joined the charity in March 2019.

Having been diagnosed at a young age, Ben brings a variety of different angles and viewpoints to the charity, as somebody who has experienced first-hand the school support system, a long-standing member, one of the HMSA’s record fundraisers and of course as a volunteer & trustee as well.

Outside of the HMSA, Ben runs his family business, with offices throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, overseeing a team of nearly 50 staff. He also has a passion for travelling, has been to over 60 countries, and considers himself very sociable, enjoying nothing more than having a laugh with friends and colleagues. For his sins, he is also a big Leeds United fan, and football fan generally!