Starting the 6th Jan 2020, this member's benefit will comprise of the neuroscience behind Anxiety, sleep, weight & pain management, and some practical tips and advice from Jo and Kim's on managing them. As well as being health care professionals, they are also expert hEDS & PoTs patients. They will run weekly from the 6th Jan through to the 3rd Feb, all starting at 7 PM and lasting roughly 1 hour.

Week 4 - Weight Management - What is happening in the brain in relation to food, the chemicals in the brain that are useful or not useful, the evolutionary pressures surrounding food. How to get your brain and body into balance again by reducing anxieties. Jo and her creative OT brain have some very practical ways in which you can keep 'active' even if you are struggling with a hypermobility syndrome. How to keep moving, strengthening yourself, stretching, physio-ing whilst managing to pace yourself and keep self-managing. 

Week 5 - Getting a good night's sleep

To be involved in the live stream and to have your questions answered live, you will need to be a member of the HMSA Charity. There are lots of other members benefits which include 2 journals a year and enabling us to continue supporting the hypermobile community. For information on how to join, simply click here for a standard membership or here for a family membership.

'We truly look forward to interacting with you through the live stream. Understanding how your brain works, why we suffer in the way that we do and how you can help yourself manage your conditions, are such powerful tools for the self-care tool kit.'

Booking for this event has now closed.