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Hi all,

Great Ormond Street Hospital's Hypermobility Clinic has changed the criteria to the following;

They will only take a referral from a consultant paeds or consultant rheumy for children over 5 years. The child will need to be showing active Hypermobility Syndrome symptoms; sprains, strains, muscle weakness, pain and fatigue.

They will not accept any referral just because the parents of the child has a diagnosis or from a GP.

The reason why they have to do this is because they have been overwhelmed by referrals and can not meet the 18 week targets. I know this could be disappointing to many but the team really did not have a choice and as usual they have our full support.

I have locked this topic because we need to make it easy for people to find and we have other threads on GOSH which can be used to discuss it :bye:
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