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Re: Wheelchair (for my child) or not? Wheelchairs for kids

Postby cyberbarn » Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:50 pm

melimo wrote:Hi Jenn I think she would have preferred Charlie to have the proper chair so he can learn how to self propel. But to be honest I think he's a bit young for that yet plus I'm not sure his wrists or fatigue level will be up to it both now and in the future.

Yes, there is no way Peter would have coped with self propelling at that age. Even now at 14 he can only do it for a bit. The other thing we found with buggies is that you can get more shopping in them, especially the Independence!

melimo wrote:As for the future we are busy making plans to visit the zoo and maybe legoland. We have so much fun to catch up on after being very house bound for over a year now.
I'm sure we are all going to love having the buggy and the freedom it will give.
Mel :)


I wish the physios who get funny about our kids having buggies and wheelchairs could hear this. Legoland for us would have been impossible without a buggy!

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